The Transcontinental Railroad is a series of railroads spanning the United States from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. It was completed on May 10, 1869, with the golden spike ceremonially driven at Promontory, Utah, after track was laid over a 1,756 mile (2,826 km) gap between California and Nebraska in six years by the Union Pacific Railroad and Central Pacific Railroad.

Transcontinental Railroad in Southern VictoryEdit

The Transcontinental Railroad was one of the advantages the United States were able to maintain over the Confederate States, which was one factor in the CSA's decision to purchase Sonora and Chihuahua.

During the Mormon Uprising of 1881, the first thing the Mormon rebels did was disable the line. After the Second Mexican War, the Confederate States completed their own railroad, which started in the east and terminated in Guaymas, Sonora on the Gulf of California.

Transcontinental Railroad in WorldwarEdit

When the Race landed in mid-1942, they cut the Transcontinental Railroad in two, forcing the US to rely heavily on the Canadian Pacific Railway for the duration of the war.

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