The Daily Breeze is a 70,000-circulation daily newspaper published in Torrance, California. It serves the South Bay cities of Los Angeles County. Its slogan is "LAX to LA Harbor".

The paper was founded as the weekly The Breeze in 1894 by local political activist S.D. Barkley and first served the local Redondo Beach community. Coverage eventually spread to other coastal cities, and by 1922, it had become a daily publication. In 1928, the Daily Breeze was purchased by Copley Press.

Torrance Daily Breeze in Southern VictoryEdit

The Torrance Daily Breeze was a newspaper in Los Angeles, California in the 1930s and '40s. It was a labor friendly paper and Chester Martin prefered to give it interviews during a series of strikes by the construction workers union he helped found.

The Breeze sent a reporter to cover the landmark first contract signed by Martin with Henry T. Casson shortly after the outbreak of the Second Great War.

Torrance Daily Breeze in SupervolcanoEdit

Colin Ferguson had home delivery of the Torrance Daily Breeze and the Los Angeles Times. After the Yellowstone Supervolcano erupted, deliveries of many goods, especially from the East were disrupted. The Breeze received its newsprint from Minnesota so was forced to go to Web-only publication.[1]

The Breeze had sent its crime reporter, Mort Greenbaum to the crime scene of the murder of Maria Peterfalvy,[2]


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