Torosaurus ("perforated lizard") was a ceratopsid dinosaur species of the Cretaceous Period, first discovered in southeastern Wyoming by John Hatcher between 1889 and 1891. The species was subsequently named by Othniel Marsh.

Torosaurus in "The Green Buffalo" Edit

Unknown to John Bell Hatcher or Othniel Marsh, a ripple in time transported a Torosaur into 1890, not long after Hatcher found the first known Torosaur fossils. It was killed by a group of hunters in Hatcher's employ who believed it to be some sort of large, diseased buffalo. People who ate it thought it tasted like chicken.

Literary commentEdit

The description of the "green buffalo" is vague enough that it could be a Torosaurus or a Triceratops. Since the story's final passage focuses on people discussing the former, the administrators of this wiki are comfortable in identifying it as such.

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