Tooth fairy is a fantasy figure from childhood who collects children's baby teeth as they fall out to be replaced by new teeth growing in, and leaves a gift in exchange. The tooth fairy legend is believed to have originated in Medieval Northern Europe, possibly England or Norway.

Tooth fairy in "Secret Names"Edit

The tooth fairy was a spirit among the tribes of hunter-gathers in Eestexas. The fairy would leave small gifts in exchange for teeth that had fallen out of the mouths of small children. As Madyu, a shaman for one of the tribes observed, the fairy tended to leave better gifts for those children whose parents were better off. He, as a child, never received anything as fine as the two iron arrowheads that Hozay got but Hozay's kin were close relatives of the chief, Ralf. Those that have, get, even from fairies.

Whenever an adult mentioned the tooth fairy, they made a special hand gesture to ward it off and so not steal teeth not ready to leave the person's head.