Tom Trencher
Fictional Character
"The Maltese Elephant"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Posthumous reference
Nationality: United States
Date of Death: c. 1930
Cause of Death: Shot to death
Occupation: Private detective
Affiliations: Bowman and Trencher Detective Agency

Tom Trencher was a private detective in San Francisco. He and his partner, Miles Bowman, were hired by a woman calling herself Claire Lenoir to follow a man named Evan Thursday. While on the job, Trencher was murdered. He'd been having an affair with Bowman's wife, Eva. Naturally, suspicion immediately fell on Bowman.

Literary Comment Edit

Cortez Ricardo 1

Ricardo Cortez was the first person to play Sam Spade on the screen.

Trencher is based on Dashiell Hammett's detective, Sam Spade.

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