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Tokushima (徳島市 Tokushima-shi) is the capital city of Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku island in Japan.

As of 1 May 2011, the city had an estimated population of 263,372, with 114,325 households and a population density of 1,377.25 persons per km². Its total area is 191.23 km². The city is situated in the north-eastern part of Tokushima Prefecture at the mouth of the Yoshino River. In terms of layout and organization, Tokushima displays the typical characteristics of a Japanese castle town. Tokushima was developed under the Hachisuka clan. Its prosperity was built on a strong indigo dye industry.

Tokushima in Joe SteeleEdit

During World War II, the island of Shikoku had been bypassed in the fighting. While cities such as Tokushima had been bombed, they hadn't been fought over by ground forces. This left the residents more restive than those in other parts of Japan but US servicemen still preferred to go there when on leave. The waterfront district of Tokushima had been quickly built up to provide entertainment and services for those on leave and to smoothly separate them from their money while doing so.[1]

Sergeant Mike Sullivan and Corporal Dick Shirakawa were coming back from leave in Tokushima, South Japan, when the Japanese War broke out.


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