The Tin Hats were a Confederate Great War veterans' association founded shortly after the war by Amos Mizell. The Tin Hats were active on the right wing of Confederate politics and, though an interest group rather than a party, by 1921 they had become the country's dominant right wing group. The Tin Hats dissuaded Willy Knight from running for President (and thus splitting the right wing vote along regional lines). Instead they convinced him to merge his Redemption League with the Freedom Party and support Jake Featherston nationally.

In 1927 the Tin Hats again supported Featherston, though much more tepidly. By 1933 the group had been heavily infiltrated by Freedom Party Stalwarts, and it--and especially Mizell, who continued to hold out on supporting Featherston--had lost its political relevance.

Literary NoteEdit

The Tin Hats appear to be modeled on the Stahlhelm ("Steel Helmets"), the strongest veterans' organization in Weimar Germany [1]. Like the Tin Hats, they were formally a non-party organization but had a clear right-wing nationalist orientation; they considerably assisted the Nazis' rise to power, but once in power the Nazis took care to destroy their independence and assimilate them.

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