Fictional Work
Story: The War Between the Provinces
Type of Appearance: Referenced

The Thunderer is one of the two greatest gods of the Detinan pantheon. Like all the Detinan gods, he lives on Mount Panamgam beyond the sky. His symbol is the lightning bolt. He is not quite as widely reverenced as the Lion God, but he has tremendous authority over human affairs as a god of war and political power. Kings of Detina and other kingdoms which worship him are crowned by his hierophants. The self-proclaimed northern king Geoffrey found a sympathetic priest of the Thunderer to crown him king of northern Detina after Geoffrey's cousin Avram was crowned king of all the kingdom, at the beginning of the Detinan Civil War.

Despite his potential for influence in these roles, the Thunderer is more withdrawn from the details of human affairs than many who believe he favors them might wish. However, the Thunderer loved King Avram, and performed miracles for those who invoked his name toward the close of the Civil War.