Thistle, Utah was a small town southeast of Provo. It lasted from its founding in 1878 until it was evacuated in 1983 following a landslide and flood.

Thistle in Southern VictoryEdit

In 1942 the U.S. Army established a recuperation center in Thistle when its attempt to put down the Mormon uprising bogged down in Provo. The Army established a strong perimeter with barbed wire and machine gun nests giving the center the appearance of a POW camp but the guns faced out.

Early in 1942 Armstrong Grimes' regiment was taken out of the line and marched for a day to Thistle for R&R. Later that year, Grimes' regiment went for R&R once more. While waiting for buses to take them to Thistle, a Mormon woman became the first people bomb in history. Grimes and Yossel Reisen, Jr. escaped with minor injuries but Sgt. Rex Stowe received serious abdomen wounds.

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