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The Three Stooges
Historical Group
Nationality: United States
Years Active: 1922-1975 (with several line up changes)
Occupation: Comedians, Film Actors
The War That Came Early
POD: July 20, 1936;
Relevant POD: September 29, 1938
Appearance(s): Hitler's War
Type of Appearance: Reference
The Three Stooges were an American vaudeville and comedy act of the early to mid–20th century best known for their numerous short subject films. Their hallmark was physical farce and extreme slapstick. In films, the stooges were commonly known by their first names: "Moe, Larry, and Curly" and "Moe, Larry, and Shemp," among other lineups. The film trio was originally composed of Moe Howard (1897-1975), brother Shemp Howard (1895-1955) and longtime friend Larry Fine (1902-1975). Curly Howard (1903-1952) replaced brother Shemp, who later returned when Curly suffered a debilitating stroke in 1946.

The Three Stooges in The War That Came EarlyEdit

While fleeing the Balmoral-Osborne Hotel de Luxe in Marianske Lazne, Czechoslovakia during a German bombardment of the town in September 1938, during the opening actions of the new European war, Peggy Druce observed two men near the front desk punching and kicking each other and poking one another in the eye. She was reminded of a Three Stooges two-reeler. One of the men was a Czech, the other a German.

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