"The Thing in the Woods"  
Something Magic This Way Comes
Author Harry Turtledove
First Appearance Something Magic This Way Comes
Collected No
Genre(s) Supernatural
Publication date 2008

"The Thing in the Woods", published in Something Magic This Way Comes, edited by Martin H. Greenberg & Sarah A. Hoyt, DAW 2008, is a short supernatural story by Harry Turtledove.

The story centers on two young boys, Tim and Geoffrey, and their growing suspicion that some creature lives in the woods behind Geoffrey's home after hearing a series of unearthly howls. Tim is briefly convinced that there is a werewolf lurking in the woods, much to Geoffrey's amusement.

Literary CriticismEdit

"The Thing in the Woods" is a rather slight story that ends with an abrupt and nonsensical twist. The creature's identity is never resolved. However, the ending reveals Tim, Geoffrey, their parents (and evidentally their educators) are vampires.

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