The Morning Call was between 1856 and 1895 the name of a newspaper based in San Francisco, California. Because of a succession of mergers with other newspapers, the paper afterwards changed its name many times and variously came to be called The San Francisco Call & Post, the San Francisco Call-Bulletin, San Francisco News-Call Bulletin, and the News-Call Bulletin before finally merging with the San Francisco Examiner and losing "news," "call," and "bulletin."

From 1863 to 1864, Samuel Clemens worked as one of the paper's writers, but his journalistic career proved an episode, which he abandoned when launching the literary career which brought him lasting fame under the pen name Mark Twain.

The Morning Call in Southern VictoryEdit

The San Francisco Morning Call was the newspaper owned and edited by Samuel Clemens. It was a small paper, compared with some its rivals, but it did well enough. Clemens was not shy about sharing his politics through the paper's editorial page. During the Second Mexican War, Clemens routinely lambasted the Republican administration of President James G. Blaine.

During the British attack on San Francisco during the Second Mexican War in 1882, Clemens extensively reported on the events.

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