"The Mrem Go West"  
First Appearance Exiled:Clan of the Claw
Editor Bill Fawcett
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publication date 2011

"The Mrem Go West" is a novella by Harry Turtledove. It is the first work in the mosaic novel work Exiled: Clan of the Claw (Baen, August, 2011), a shared-universe project, edited by Bill Fawcett. It is set in a fantasy world based on ours. In it, animals analogous to the dinosaurs did not go extinct, but kept evolving. But certain species of mammal did as well. After millions of years, two sentient species, the Lishkash (evolved from the "dinosaurs") and the Mrem (evolved from felines) have arisen, and share a bitter rivalry, with the former dominating much of the known world.

The first volume is set after the Ice Age receded, causing the creation of large sea analogous to the Mediterranean, and wiping out a fertile basin and the thousands of Mrem and Lishkash who lived there. A group of Mrem, the Clan of the Claw, are trapped along the southern shores of the new sea, cut off from the rest of the Mrem in the north. "The Mrem Go West" tells of how the Clan, lead by Rantan Taggah, elect to head west in the hopes of finding a route back to the rest of the Mrem. They are soon opposed by Sassin, a Lishkash noble who refuses to let the hated Mrem cross his lands.