"The Last Word"  
Author Harry Turtledove
First Appearance Drakas!
Collected No
Illustrator Stephen Hickman
Genre(s) Alternate History
Publication date 2000

"The Last Word" is a short story by Harry Turtledove, published in the anthology Drakas! (Baen, 2000), and set in S.M. Stirling's Draka timeline. It is set shortly after the Draka have defeated the Alliance. American naval commodore Anson MacDonald, marooned on land when the Drakas swiftly defeated the Americans, prepares to take part in a guerrilla force opposing the invading Draka forces.

The title has a double meaning. The guerrilla war in which MacDonald participates is in effect the last word which the Americans left on Earth would ever say before passing out of history (Stirling's later book discloses that the Draka conquerors would wage a decades-long genocidal war throughout North America, and that the few surviving Americans would be quite literally bombed back into the Stone Age). But there is also a more personal last word, with the captured MacDonald - before biting the cyanide in his hollow tooth - defiantly telling his captor that while the Draka army was expending its energy on crushing the last resistance in America, the Americans who escaped into space would get established outside the solar system and carry on the war from there (which would indeed come to pass and be described in detail by Stirling).