"The Irvhank Effect"  
New Destinies Volume II
Author Harry Turtledove
First Appearance New Destinies, Volume II
Reprinted There Will Be War VIII: Armageddon, Jerry Pournelle, ed.
Collected No
Genre(s) Science Fiction
Publication date 1987

"The Irvhank Effect" is a short story by Harry Turtledove. It was first published in New Destinies II, Baen 1987, and reprinted in There Will Be War VIII: Armageddon, edited by Jerry Pournelle & John F. Carr, Tor 1989. It has not been reprinted since. In the story, two physicists named Irv Farmer and Hank Jeter accidentally discover a method of controlling radioactive decay. After a number of months of secret research, they design a device which allowed most nuclear reactions but prevents atomic and hydrogen bombs from detonating anywhere on Earth. The two successfully tested the device, activate it and then begin writing up a science paper for peer review and publication calling the field the generate the "Irvhank Effect" after their first names. However, the United States government becomes aware of the effect, and move to stop it.