The House of Daniel  
House of Daniel
Author Harry Turtledove
Genre(s) Fantasy
Publisher Tor
Publication date April 18, 2016
The House of Daniel is a fantasy/alternate history novel released from Tor on April 18, 2016. It is set during the Great Depression in an alternate United States where magic works. The story's central protagonist and narrator, Jack Spivey, recounts his time with a barnstorming baseball team called the House of Daniel.

Similarities to other worksEdit

The Case of the Toxic Spell Dump, "Birdwitching," and The House of Daniel are all set in worlds where magic works and supernatural elements are common. However, the three timelines have very different rules of inner logic regarding biology, theology, and other crucial matters.

"Batboy," set in the early 20th century of OTL, also pairs the disparate themes of old-fashioned baseball and vampirism.

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