The First Heroes  
Editor Harry Turtledove and Noreen Doyle
Cover artist Peter Fiore
Language English
Genre(s) Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Science fiction, Alternate History
Publisher Tor
Publication date 2004
Pages 368
The First Heroes (Tor, 2004) is a collection of short stories and novellas set in the Bronze Ages of various cultures, including Ancient Greek, Egyptian, Chinese, Incan, British, and a number of fictional societies. The anthology is a mix of straight historical fiction, alternate history, fantasy, and science fiction. It was edited by Harry Turtledove and Noreen Doyle and includes Turtledove's novella "The Horse of Bronze."


  • Gene Wolfe, "The Lost Pilgrim"
  • Brenda Clough, "How the Bells Came from Yang to Hubei"
  • Judith Tarr, "The God of Chariots"
  • Harry Turtledove, "The Horse of Bronze"
  • Josepha Sherman, "A Hero for the Gods"
  • S.M. Stirling, "Blood Wolf" (sequel to Natucket Series)
  • Noreen Doyle, "Ankhtifi the Brave is Dying"
  • Katharine Kerr & Debra Doyle, "The God Voice"
  • Karen Jordan Allen, "Orqo Afloat on the Willkamayu"
  • Larry Hammer, "The Myrmidons"
  • Gregory Feeley, "Giliad"
  • Laura Frankos, "The Sea Mother's Gift"
  • Lois Tilton, "The Matter of Ahhiyans"
  • Poul Anderson, "The Bog Sword"

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