The Best Time Travel Stories of the Twentieth Century  
Editor Harry Turtledove and Martin H. Greenberg
Cover artist David Stevenson
Genre(s) Science Fiction, Alternate History
Publisher Del Rey
Publication date January, 2005
Preceded by The Best Alternate History Stories of the Twentieth Century
The Best Time Travel Stories of the Twentieth Century (Del Rey, 2005) is an anthology edited by Harry Turtledove and Martin H. Greenberg. It is somewhat unusual in that Turtledove did not include one of his own stories among those collected.


  • Theodore Sturgeon, "Yesterday Was Monday"
  • Henry Kuttner, "Time Locker"
  • Arthur C. Clarke, "Time's Arrow"
  • Jack Finney, "I'm Scared"
  • Ray Bradbury, "A Sound of Thunder"
  • Richard Matheson, "Death Ship"
  • L. Sprague de Camp, "A Gun for Dinosaur"
  • Poul Anderson, "The Man Who Came Early"
  • R.A. Lafferty, "Rainbird"
  • Larry Niven, "Leviathan!"
  • Joe Haldeman, "Anniversary Project"
  • Jack Dann, "Timetipping"
  • Connie Willis, "Fire Watch"
  • Robert Silverberg, "Sailing to Byzantium"
  • John Kessel, "The Pure Product"
  • Charles Sheffield, "Trapalanda"
  • Nancy Kress, "The Price of Oranges"
  • Ursula K. Le Guin, "Another Story, or A Fisherman of the Inland Sea"

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