The Best Military Science Fiction of the Twentieth Century  
Editor Harry Turtledove, with Martin H. Greenberg
Cover artist David Stevenson
Genre(s) Science Fiction, Alternate History
Publisher Del Rey
Publication date May, 2001
Followed by The Best Alternate History Stories of the Twentieth Century
The Best Military Science Fiction of the Twentieth Century (Del Rey, 2001) is an anthology edited by Harry Turtledove, with Martin H. Greenberg. It includes Turtledove's own "The Last Article," ironically a pure alternate history story with no sci-fi elements.


  • Poul Anderson, "Among Thieves"
  • Philip K. Dick, "Second Variety"
  • Joe W. Haldeman, "Hero"
  • Arthur C. Clarke, "Superiority"
  • Orson Scott Card, "Ender's Game" (shorter novella version)
  • David Drake, "Hangman"
  • Harry Turtledove, "The Last Article"
  • Cordwainer Smith, "The Game of Rat and Dragon"
  • George R.R. Martin, "Night of the Vampires" (vampire is an airplane, not the monster)
  • Gregory Benford, "To the Storming Gulf"
  • Walter Jon Williams, "Wolf Time"
  • C.J. Cherryh, "The Scapegoat"
  • Anne McCaffrey, "Dragonrider" (this is about dragons)

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