The Best Alternate History Stories of the Twentieth Century  
Editor Harry Turtledove, with Martin H. Greenberg
Cover artist David Stevenson
Language English
Genre(s) Alternate History, secret history, science fiction
Publisher Del Rey
Publication date October, 2001
Pages 415
Preceded by The Best Military Science Fiction of the Twentieth Century
Followed by The Best Time Travel Stories of the Twentieth Century
The Best Alternate History Stories of the Twentieth Century (Del Rey, 2001) is an anthology edited by Harry Turtledove with Martin H. Greenberg. It contains fourteen works of alternate history, secret history, and/or science fiction including Turtledove's own "Islands in the Sea".


  • Kim Stanley Robinson, "The Lucky Strike"
  • Nicholas A. DiChario, "The Winterberry" (secret history)
  • Harry Turtledove, "Islands in the Sea"
  • Susan Shwartz, "Suppose They Gave a Peace"
  • Larry Niven, "All the Myriad Ways"
  • Greg Bear, "Through Road No Whither"
  • Gregory Benford, "Manassas, Again"
  • Jack L. Chalker, "Dance Band on the Titanic"
  • Ward Moore, Bring the Jubilee (shorter novella version)
  • Poul Anderson, "Eutopia"
  • William Sanders, "The Undiscovered"
  • Bruce Sterling & Lewis Shiner, "Mozart in Mirrorshades"
  • Allen Steele, "The Death of Captain Future" (futuristic space opera with no alternate history)
  • Brad Linaweaver, "Moon of Ice" (shorter novella version)

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