The Battle of Chicago was a 1964 American movie which purportedly told the story of the prolonged battle between the United States Army and the Race's Conquest Fleet over the city of Chicago, Illinois in 1942-1944. The movie's plot was light and uninteresting, and it was riddled with historical inaccuracies. However, it had two major points in its favor which allowed it to succeed in the box office: copious amounts of contemporary newsreel footage digitally dubbed into color, including a magnificent opening scene showing the Conquest Fleet entering into Earth orbit, which the producers bought from the Race; and the popular and sexy actors James Dean and Brigitte Bardot in starring roles.

Jonathan Yeager and Karen Culpepper saw the movie in a Los Angeles drive-in theater, and, finding the three-hour movie too ridiculous to hold their interest, spent most of the time engaged in erotic activities.

Reuven Russie took Jane Archibald to the film on a date when it was released in Palestine in 1965. That the Race allowed its release at all impressed them both. Although both had grown up in Race-occupied territory, each reacted very differently to the film. Russie saw it as just another shoot-em-up, with a war setting rather than a western one, and was more interested in Brigitte Bardot, who played an improbably underdressed nurse. Jane, on the other hand, savored the Race's defeat, and lamented that no films about the fighting in her native Australia had been made.

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