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The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War is a 1960 book by Bruce Catton about the American Civil War. It is liberally illustrated with over 800 contemporary photographs and paintings.

The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War in The Guns of the SouthEdit

The Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging made use of The American Heritage Picture History of the Civil War among other books when they traveled back in time to help the Confederate States win the American Civil War. They also liberally rewrote the history so as to convince Confederate leaders (Robert E. Lee in particular) that a Union victory would eventually lead to race wars and the repression of the white man.

However, in 1868, Melvin Bean, a veteran of the Second American Revolution, stole a copy of the book and delivered it to President-elect Lee. Lee learned that the Rivington men lied about the future course of the Civil War and that rather than impose a harsh peace, the North intended a relatively mild reconstruction. He also learned that rather than admire the South for its steadfastness in upholding its peculiar institution, the future world condemned it and approved of its overthrow.

The next day Lee confronted AWB spokesman Andries Rhoodie on this deception. Rhoodie at first blustered and then threatened Lee over the direction Lee intended to take the Confederacy. This lead directly to the Richmond Massacre on Lee's inauguration date on March 4.

Lee continued to find the Picture History a useful reference throughout his Presidency despite other reference materials seized from AWB. Among other things, it listed people who, while obscure to Lee, had become noteworthy subsequent to the POD, such as Henry Pleasants. At first, Lee resolutely refused to read his own biographical articles for fear of learning the date of his death, which he did not want to know, but later came to realize that his changed state in the new timeline had eliminated the certainty of the original dates.

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