The Khaganate of Thatagush was a country centered on a large peninsula that was once the Videssian province of Bratzista as well as once possessing territory on a smaller peninsula to the south that was later lost to Namdalen. The ruins of the great Videssian city of Skopentzana lay in Thatagush. Thatagush, like Khatrish and Kubrat, was established by the descendants of the Khamorth invasion of Videssos. It was bordered by Agder to the north, Khatrish to the south, and Pardraya to the west. It was unique among other Khagantes in that it did not share a border with the Empire of Videssos. Thatagush, like Khatrish, believed in the Balance between Phos and Skotos. Thatagush was once ravaged by Harvas Black-Robe before he moved on to Kubrat.

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