Teschen Stadtplan 1909

Tesche in 1909. The western portion went to Czechoslovakia, the eastern to Poland in 1919.

Teschen is the German name of a town on the Olza River now divided into the towns of Cieszyn, Poland, and Český Těšín, Czech Republic. Both Poland and Czechoslovakia claimed the town and region after their creation by the Treaty of Versailles. They went to war in 1919 but were stalemated. The cease-fire split the town along the Olza River with the western portion going to Czechoslovakia and the eastern to Poland.

Teschen in The War That Came EarlyEdit

As Czechoslovakia began to fall apart after the surrender of Prague, Poland jumped on the Zaolší region in Slovakia. The Czech General Staff didn't reinforce the area, nor did they try to defend it after the Poles walked in and claimed it. Vaclav Jezek, along with many other Czech soldiers and civilians fled into area, towards the coal mining town of Teschen to avoid the Germans. Once there, he was interned by the Poles.

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