Fictional Work
Story: "Bluff"
Religion: Kussaran pantheon
God of: The Sky
Type of Appearance: Direct (as a voice)

Tarhund was the Kussaran god of the sky. When the William Howells landed near Kussara, King Pitkhanas prayed to Tarhund for guidance, but none came, a fact the king found disturbing.

Pitkhanas, realizing the power the humans wielded, quickly embraced them. However, Radus-piyama, a priest of Tarhund, was immediately suspicious of the "Terrajin". He was also certain Tarhund himself called for their expulsion. When he brought Tarhund's pleas to Pitkhanas, Pitkhanas heard Tarhund's command to go to the god's house of worship.

When Tarhund spoke to Pitkhanas, he agreed with the king's position, that the Terrajin were harmless and should be left alone. This surprised Radus-piyama, who nonetheless obeyed his king.