Tamaulipas is one of the 31 states of Mexico, located in the northeast of the country. It borders the U.S. state of Texas to the north, the Gulf of Mexico to the east, Veracruz to the south, San Luis Potosí to the southwest, and Nuevo León to the west.

Tamaulipas in WorldwarEdit

In 1963, Rance Auerbach and Penny Summers passed through the state of Tamaulipas on their ginger-smuggling run into Race-held Mexico. They passed through the towns of Camargo and Reynosa on their way to the Race airbase located in the neighboring state of Nuevo León.

Tamaulipas in The Two GeorgesEdit

Literary commentEdit

On the frontispiece map, most or all of OTL Tamaulipas is part of a larger Nuevo León, a province of Nueva España.

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