Syndyoceras cooki is an extinct species of mammal. The 1.50 m (5 ft) long creature closely resembled a deer, having two hooved toes. Similar to early horses like Merychippus it had two vestigal outer toes on each foot, which didn't touch the ground. Syndyocerass skull decorations looked drastically different from a deer's. It had two pairs of horns. The first was a V-shaped pair on the snout, fused at the base. The second pair was placed between the eyes and the ears and was curved inwards, the horns facing towards each other in a semi-circle shape. Like giraffe horns, these protrusions were covered with skin. Most likely they were used for display and fighting.

Syndoceras in "Lure" Edit

Harvey Cutter, who had traveled back ten million years to Miocene Italy to capture live specimens of primates for the San Diego Cenozoic Zoo, observed a herd of Syndyoceras pick their way past the swamp he had set his traps.

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