Sylvanus Greeley
Fictional Character
The Two Georges
POD: c. mid-1760s
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: North American Union
Date of Birth: 20th century
Occupation: Police officer
Professional Affiliation: Royal American Mounted Police

Captain Sylvanus Greeley was with the Doshoweh detachment of the Royal American Mounted Police. He wore a mustache waxed to handlebar perfection.

In 1995 he and his subordinate Lt. Charles Lucas and Major Shikalimo of the constabulary met Colonel Thomas Bushell and Captain Samuel Stanley at the Doshoweh train station to assist them in their investigation of the theft of The Two Georges.

The next day Greeley was invited to attend a meeting in Shikalimo's office. On being introduced to Dr. Kathleen Flannery, his face showed polite horror but since Col. Bushell outranked him, he said nothing. A few minutes later Ganeodiyo reported back that the letter Bushell had found had been posted in the Deohstegaa district of the town. Greeley express gratitude on behalf of the RAM in Iroquois and received a grudging nod of acknowledgement.

A few days later, Major Shikalimo had a second meeting to report on the results of his investigation and invited Capt. Greeley directly. He reviewed the list of "Joes" that Shikalimo provided but none seemed suspicious. Finally Dr. Flannery pointed out Joseph Kilbride. She was aware of a man with that name who was an art collector and was interested in the late colonial period. Greeley demanded to know the relevance of his taste in art. Dr. Flannery explained, in a tone of a teacher explaining fractions to restive trade-school students, that this was a period of tension between England and her American colonies and if a settlement hadn't been reached they might have tried to break away. A Son of Liberty would believe that would have been better and so would be interested in the period, including its art.

When Shikalimo confirmed that the suspected Kilbride was Dr. Flannery's art collector, Capt. Greeley was the first to recommend he be questioned. Col. Bushell reluctantly agreed.