The Swan Maiden (or Swan may) is a mythical creature who shape shifts from human form to swan form. Despite the name, males are found in a small number of legends. The key to the transformation is usually a swan skin, or a garment with swan feathers attached.

Swan may in "The Man who Came Late"Edit

Alianora was a swan may. When she wore her swan feathered tunic, she transformed into a swan and could fly. After the great war of Law vs. Chaos, she continued to transform and fly to explore the countryside around the village she settled in. When her daughter Alianna came of age, Alianora passed the swan garment to her and Alianna became a swan may. After meeting Holger Carlsen and having to tell him she was now married to somebody else and could no longer return his love, Alianora remembered her younger days and asked her daughter to use the swan feathered tunic for one more time.