This article lists the various minor fictional characters who appear in the various novels and stories of the Videssos Series. These characters play, at best, a peripheral role in the series. While they were usually given a name, some weren't. Most were simply mentioned or had a very brief, unimportant speaking role that did not impact the plot, and never appeared again.

"The Decoy Duck"


Grankel was a one-time wizard of the Halogai tribe led by Skatval the Brisk near the Lygra Fjord. After his death, his son, Grimke became the tribe's wizard.

Hoel and Vasa

Hoel and Vasa were Halogai, assigned by Skatval the Brisk to bury the bodies of the murdered Phos missionaries Tzoumas, Nephon, Antilas and Kveldulf.


Raud was the father of Skatval the Brisk and was the chief of their tribe in Halogaland prior to his son.


Sverre was a Haloga crofter by the Lygra Fjord. His son, Kalmar was a follower of Kveldulf and Phos.


Ulvhild was the wife of Chief Skatval the Brisk, and the mother of Skjaldvor.


Zoïlos was a merchant from Skopentzana. One day, he purchased a Haloga slave named Kveldulf. Zoïlos often prayed to Phos in the morning at Skopentzana's chief temple. Eventually he began to take Kveldulf with him. When Zoïlos realized Kveldulf had begun to believe in Phos, he freed Kveldulf.

Bridge of the Separator

The Time of Troubles

The Tale of Krispos

"A Difficult Undertaking"

The Videssos Cycle


(The Misplaced Legion)

Liscus was a Gaulish warrior of the Aedui clan, and an ally of the Roman Republic. A member of Marcus Scaurus' legion, he was bright, jolly, recklessly brave, and useful as an interpreter in Gaul. He was killed in action shortly before the legion was magically transported to Videssos.[1]

"The Seventh Chapter"


Tarasios was the Patriarch of Videssos. His nomophylax, Kassianos, discovered the monks of Phos who lived in the town of Develtos had found a way around the Seventh Chapter of Pakhomios' Rule, which forbade clergymen from entertaining women. Instead, the women entertained the monks.

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