The following tables summarize year and date clues in the Supervolcano trilogy. Since no year is ever given, the convention of using "Y" as the year of the Yellowstone Supervolcano eruption is adopted.

Supervolcano: Eruption

Page Year Month/Date Summary of story clue
1 Y-2 End May Stated its Memorial Day.
40 Y-1 Feb. Stated
59 Y-1 July/Aug. Park crowds in July & August
102 Y-1 Mid-Nov. Stated
114 Y May Stated
137 Y Aug./Sept. Late Summer
156 Y Sept. (est.) Eruption
206 Y Sept./Oct. Fall replaced summer.
242 Y Oct./Nov. Fall pre-Thanksgiving.
311 Y Nov./Dec. Pre-winter.
343 Y Dec. Colin and Kelly dating 2 1/2 years.
349 Y Dec. Louise's period few days late.
388 Y+1 Feb. Louise nearing end of first trimester.

Supervolcano: All Fall Down

Page Year Month/Date Summary of story clue
2 Y+1 June Stated.
20 Y+1 July 4 Stated.
37 Y+1 August Louise due within two weeks.
46 Y+1 Aug./Sept. Stated late summer.
59 Y+1 Aug./Sept. Louise in labor.
68 Y+1 Nov./Dec. Louise off maternity leave.
76 Y+1 Nov./Dec. Bad harvests in US.
89 Y+1 December Stated.
97 Y+2 Winter Stated.
106 Y+2 Spring Stated.
117 Y+2 June Stated.
124 Y+2 Aug./Sept. Eruption going on two years.
137 Y+2 mid-August Stated.
162 Y+2 August Fall semester starting soon.
173 Y+2 Autumn Stated.
189 Y+2/3 Winter Stated.
197 Y+3 Feb. (est) Bryce six months at high school.
204 Y+3 Winter Stated.
219 Y+3 Spring Stated.
225 Y+3 Spring Same scene, Kelly pregnant.
228 Y+3 Summer Kelly due in few months.
233 Y+3 Spring/Summer Bryce offered position coming Fall.
248 Y+3 Summer Weather Seattle summer.
260 Y+3 Spring/Summer Vanessa heading home to California.
261 Y+3 March/April Past first day of Spring, before Tax Day.
279 Y+3 Spring Stated. Vanessa on the road.
289 Y+3 Spring Vanessa home in San Antonio.
292 Y+3 August Kelly pregnant but not "out to there".
297 Y+3 October Barely autumn.
315 Y+3 Winter Stated.
334 Y+3/4 Dec./Jan. Kelly in labor.
365 Y+4 Winter Stated.
369 Y+4 Winter Rob's wedding announcement postmarked three weeks earlier.

Supervolcano: Things Fall Apart

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