Superstring Theory is a current theoretical model for the fundamental physical structure of the universe. According to this theory, the basic particles of all matter are shaped as one-dimensional strings with no thickness and a length of 10^-33 cm. The vibrational modes of these strings correspond to each distinct fundamental particle.

Superstring Theory is currently the avenue most pursued by theoretical physicists seeking the discovery of a unitive Theory of Everything which will explain all physical phenomena in the universe.

Superstrings in Justin Kloster StoriesEdit

Superstrings in WorldwarEdit

In the early 21st century, American physicists began a series of experiments involving the manipulation of superstrings. These experiments were not fully understood by physicists of the Race who lived on Tosev 3. This fact was very disturbing to the Lizards as it suggested that Tosevite physicists were beginning to surpass the technical knowledge of the Race itself.

On Home, the physicist Pesskrag was asked to duplicate the American experiments by Ttomalss. This she did so at a very leisurely pace; she did not initially show much interest in the project until one day she discovered a property of superstrings with alarming implications.

By this time the Americans had learned to manipulate superstrings so that points normally separated by vast distances in the space-time continuum would temporarily be in immediate contact with one another. This allowed the humans to construct starships using FTL technology, clearly surpassing the Race as the galaxy's most scientifically advanced intelligent species.

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