Stuart is a traditionally masculine given name as well as a surname. It is the French form of the surname "Stewart". The surname Stewart is an occupational name for the administrative official of an estate. The name is derived from the Middle English stiward, and Old English stigweard or stiweard.

In the works of Harry Turtledove, Stuart may refer to:

House of Stuart, a royal family that ruled over Scotland from 1371, and over England, Wales, and Ireland from 1603, until 1649, and again over all these lands from 1660 until 1714. Queen Anne Stuart, the last reigning member of the dynasty, was the first Monarch of the United Kingdom. Members of the Stuart family play background roles in Atlantis, A Different Flesh, Ruled Britannia, and "We Haven't Got There Yet".
Stuart, Atlantis, a city which is a setting in Opening Atlantis: Avalon. In the remainder of the Atlantis series, the city is renamed Hanover.
M3 Stuart, a United States Army tank appearing in the Days of Infamy series and "Must and Shall".

The following characters have the last name of Stuart:

E.A. Stuart, a fictional reporter appearing in The Man With the Iron Heart.
Jeb Stuart, a historical Confederate States Army General, POV in How Few Remain, and appearing in The Guns of the South.
Jeb Stuart Jr., a Confederate General and politician appearing in Southern Victory. There is some debate as to whether he is historical or fictional.
Jeb Stuart III, head of the First Richmond Howitzers, and son of the preceding. Although there was an OTL man of the same name, the moderators are satisfied that this character is not him, but an analog.

The following characters have the last name of Stewart:

Al Stewart, a historical musician referenced in the Supervolcano trilogy, and serves obliquely as the lead POV in "Nine Drowned Churches".

The following characters have Stewart or Stuart as a given name:

Stuart (The Hot War), a minor English character in The Hot War: Fallout.
Stuart Boileau, one of the Gators in "Designated Hitter".
Stewart Gordon, historical doctor appearing in Fort Pillow.
Stuart Halliday, auto mechanic, minor fictional character in Settling Accounts: Return Engagement.

The following characters are known as Stu:

Stu, a soldier and minor character in Liberating Atlantis.
Stu (State of Jefferson), a broadcast journalist appearing in "Peace is Better" from the State of Jefferson Stories.
Big Stu, fictional mob boss appearing in The House of Daniel.
Stu Ayers, a police detective and minor character in Supervolcano: Eruption.

Other relevant characters:

Jeb the Beauty/Steward, a fantasy analog of Jeb Stuart in The War Between the Provinces.

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