Fictional Character
Southern Victory
POD: September 10, 1862
Appearance(s): Walk in Hell;
Drive to the East
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Occupation: Soldier
Military Branch: United States Army

Straubing was a lieutenant in the US Army during the Great War. In 1916, after the US had overrun Kentucky, Straubing hired Cincinnatus to drive trucks for the army.

Straubing was focused on getting the job done. Cincinnatus' skin color was irrelevant because Cincinnatus was an excellent and dutiful driver. Straubing went so far as to order the arrest of three white Army drivers for insubordination when they refused to work with Cincinnatus. Straubing did this in the name of discipline, but Cincinnatus appreciated the act.

Straubing's focus was such that he personally killed Tom Kennedy, removing a thorn in Cincinnatus' side. However, Kentucky State Police officer Luther Bliss, long suspicious of Cincinnatus, began investigating him. When Straubing learned of the problem, he admitted, quite off-handedly, that he'd killed Kennedy.

During the Second Great War Straubing had obtained the rank of Brigadier General in logistics. He provided a letter attesting to Cincinnatus' abilities and loyalty to the U.S. allowing the latter (now known as Cincinnatus Driver) to be enrolled as a civilian driver for the Army.