Stephens is a surname of the following characters in the works of Harry Turtledove:

General Stephens, a military judge in the novel In at the Death.
Alexander Stephens, the historic Vice President of the Confederate States appearing in the novel The Guns of the South.

Stephens also refers to:

Stephens, Georgia, a Confederate town appearing in the Southern Victory series.

Stevens is the surname of:

Thaddeus Stevens, historic Union congressman referenced in The Guns of the South and "Must and Shall".

Stevens also refers to:

Fort Stevens, American Civil War battle site depicted in "Must and Shall"

Stevenson is the surname of:

Maggie Stevenson, a Honolulu brothel owner in Southern Victory.

Stephenson is the surname of:

George Stephenson, a station master in "The Iron Elephant" in A Different Flesh.

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