Stephen comes from the Greek name Στεφανος (Stephanos) meaning "crown". Steven is a variation with Steve and Stevie as diminutives. Stephens, Stevens, Stephenson, and Stevenson are patronymic-based surnames.

Characters in the works of Harry Turtledove with only the name Stephen:

Stephen (Freedom), a member of the sim justice movement in "Freedom" from A Different Flesh.
Stephen (Atlantis Pirate), a pirate from the novel Opening Atlantis.

Characters with the first name of Stephen:

Stephen Douglas, a historical American Senator referenced in numerous works.
Stephen Early, historical White House Press Secretary appearing in The Hot War.
Stephen A. Hurlbut, a historical American general and politician referenced in Fort Pillow.
Stephen Douglas Martin, the father of Chester Martin in Southern Victory.
Stephen King, contemporary American horror writer mentioned in The Disunited States of America.
Stephen R. Mallory, a historical Confederate politician appearing in The Guns of the South.
Stephen Ramsay, a fictional Confederate cavalryman and POV in American Front.
Stephen Ramseur, a historical Confederate States Army general appearing in American Front.
S.M. Stirling, creator of the shared universe in which "Topanga and the Chatsworth Lancers" is set.
Stephen de Windesore, the POV in "Clash of Arms".

Characters with the first name of Steven:

Steven Pankow, historical Mayor of Buffalo, New York, appearing in Fallout.

Characters with the first name of Steve:

Steve (Days of Infamy), U.S. Navy sailor and minor character in Days of Infamy.
Steve Bauer, fictional airman in The Hot War.
Steve Whortleberry, fictional grad student, POV in "Logan's Law".

Characters with the first name of Stevie:

Stevie (Hindsight), a child in "Hindsight".

Characters with the first name of Stefan, German version of Stephen:

Stefan Fuchs, German soldier appearing briefly in In the Balance.
Stefan Handrick, minor fictional character in In the Presence of Mine Enemies.

Characters with the first name of Stepan, an Eastern European variation of Stephen:

Stepan Bandera, historical Ukrainian nationalist referenced in multiple works.
Stepan Rudzutak, gulag guard with a minor role in Striking the Balance.

Characters with the name Esteban (Spanish form of Steven) or a variant thereof:

Estevánico, historical explorer and POV in "Eyewear".

Characters with the surname Stephens:

General Stephens, a U.S. military judge in In at the Death.
Alexander Stephens, historical Vice President of the Confederate States appearing in The Guns of the South.

Characters with the surname Stevens:

Thaddeus Stevens, historical American Congressman referenced in The Guns of the South and appearing in "Must and Shall".

Characters with the surname Stephenson:

George Stephenson, fictional innkeeper in "The Iron Elephant" in A Different Flesh.

Characters with the surname Stevenson:

Adlai Stevenson II, historical American politician who plays a background role in The Hot War.
Maggie Stevenson, fictional Honolulu brothel owner in Southern Victory.

Places with Stephen or a variant thereof in the name:

Fort Stevens, a historical American Civil War battle site, setting in "Must and Shall."
Stephens, Georgia, briefly a setting in In at the Death.

See also:

Istvan (disambiguation)

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