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A fan-created image of the Statue of Remembrance. This interpretation may not be wholly canonical.

The Statue of Remembrance was a large statue of a crowned woman brandishing a "Sword of Venegeance". It stood on Bedloe Island in New Jersey, across the Harbor from New York City.

A martial, vindictive image, it was constructed not long after the Second Mexican War in consistency with the political ideology of Remembrance that dominated the United States in the late 19th century.

New immigrants to New York City and the United States as a whole were first greeted by the Statue of Remembrance as they entered the New World.

Literary CommentEdit

The Statue of Remembrance is based on the OTL Statue of Liberty.[1] In OTL, however, the Statue holds a flaming torch, not a sword. This can attributed to the more martial United States in the world of the Statue of Remembrance. Keep in mind also that the OTL Statue is French-inspired, whereas the Remembrance version is German-based, due to different alliances and enmities in the varying timelines.


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