Stanley is an English family name and masculine given name dating from the 11/12th century. It is believed to be either a contraction of Stone (pronounced "Stan") and Leigh (meadow), or a variation of Stephen. Stan is a popular diminutive. In the works of Harry Turtledove, Stanley may refer to:

Characters whose first name is Stanley:

Stanley (Southern Victory), a USS Punishment sailor and minor character in Walk in Hell.
Stanley Hsu, a jeweler in Curious Notions.
Stanley Owana Laanui, fictional Hawaiian nationalist in the Days of Infamy series.
Stanley Weinbaum, historical author of science fiction referenced in Homeward Bound.

Characters whose surname is Stanley:

Phyllis Stanley, a supporting character in The Two Georges.
Samuel Stanley, an investigator and major character in The Two Georges.

Characters named Stan:

Stan (Crybaby), a minor character in "Crybaby".
Stan (Something Going Around), an educator and POV of "Something Going Around".
Stan Chambers, historical broadcaster appearing in Bombs Away.
Stan Enos, a member of the Enos family in Southern Victory.
Stan Feldman, fictional New York Post editor in Joe Steele.
Stan Jacoby, a reporter in "The R-Strain".
Stan Jeffries, a space explorer in "Bluff".
Stan Miyamoto, a restaurateur and minor character in Eruption.
Stan Neft, the grandson of POV Diana McGraw in The Man With the Iron Heart.

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