The Stalin was a Soviet destroyer. Early in World War III, she was commanded by Anatoly Edzhubov. In March, 1951, the Stalin successfully rescued the crew of the Tu-4 commanded by Boris Gribkov after they'd atom bombed the Seattle area on March 2, 1951.[1]

The Stalin carried Gribkov and his crew to Korf. They had originally been headed for Petropavlovsk, but that city, along with other key ports, had been destroyed by the U.S. Edzhubov also told Gribkov that Provideniya, Gribkov's original base, had been among the cities destroyed.[2]

Gribkov was frequently seasick on the voyage. Edzhubov gave Gribkov vodka to help; Gribkov found that while it did nothing directly for his stomach, it helped him sleep, anyway.[3]


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