Fictional Character
"Father of the Groom"
Set in OTL
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: United States
Date of Birth: Late 20th century
Occupation: Student
Relatives: Archimedes Kidder (cousin)
Tesla and Kathy Kidder (uncle and aunt)

Stacey was a cousin of Archie Kidder's and a bridesmaid at his upcoming wedding to Kate. In fact, she had introduced the two but had come to regret it since Kate began to plan her wedding with a whim of iron. At a family gathering she said Kate was going Bridezilla, being careful to not let Archie hear her but unfortunately his father had.[1]

The next day, Stacey, Kate and a "giggle" of other bridesmaids visited Northridge Mall to shop in preparation for the wedding. Kate insisted the bridesmaids buy a particular handbag to go with their dresses which were, in Stacey's opinion, larger and homelier and more expensive. She mouthed "Bridezilla" which caused a couple of other bridesmaids to giggle. They then moved to a Bed Bath & Beyond where Kate discoursed on the superiority of lime scented soup over frangipani, sandalwood or any other scent. Another bridesmaid quietly commented to Stacey that Kate was beginning to look like a lime. Stacey dismissed it as the lighting but Kate darkened into an avocado green and her skin became lumpy. She grew a muzzle with sharp teeth and a tail. In fact, she had been reificated into a Bridezilla, thanks to Tesla Kidder's long-range genetic recodifier.[2]

Stacey was able to escape from Kate's brief rampage. (Kidder restored her to normal after pressure from his family).[3] At the wedding, Stacey danced with Tesla Kidder's assistant, Igor, who was quite attracted to Stacey. Stacey smelled of frangipani.[4]


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