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The Spotswood Hotel was a luxurious hotel in Richmond, Virginia from 1861 to 1870. It was opened for business in January, 1861, just as the American Civil War was beginning. It remained open throughout the war. Several prominent military and political figures from both sides of the war stayed at the hotel as guests during and after the war.

While the Spotswood survived the Civil War, it was destroyed in a fire on Christmas, 1870. The fire claimed the lives at least seven people, and perhaps more; many of those known to have registered at the hotel were unaccounted for after the fire. The Spotswood was never rebuilt.

Spotswood Hotel in Southern VictoryEdit

The Spotswood Hotel[1] was a hotel located in Richmond, Virginia, CSA. Not as famous as its neighbor, Ford's Hotel, the Spotswood still saw many notable guests. During the 1921 presidential election, Jake Featherston of the Freedom Party held his election night celebration at this hotel, which then turned into election night sorrow as his defeat at the polls became apparent.[2]

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  1. Harry Turtledove spells it as "Spottswood", but places it in the same location as the Spotswood, at Eighth and Main.
  2. Blood and Iron, pg. 454

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