Fictional Character
Appearance(s): Bridge of the Separator
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Videssian
Religion: Worship of Phos
Occupation: Patriarh of Videssos

Sozomenos was the Patriarch of Phos' Temple of the Empire of Videssos, appointed to that position by Maleinos II on the death of his predecessor, Kameniates. He continued through the reign of Stylianos.

Though he was ninety when he was appointed to the position, he was in the full possession of his wits. He was appointed due to his piety and determination, even though he was unwilling to take the responsibility.[1]

One of the biggest challenges to his reign was the former prelate, Rhavas. Rhavas argued that in the light of the evil surrounding the world of his time, it was highly possible that Skotos was more powerful than Phos and therefore everybody should worship him instead of Phos, as he did.

While a staunch believer of Phos, Sozomenos made every effort to be fair to Rhavas[2] in the synod he called. He believed that Phos' goodness resided in every man and cared genuinely for his fellow man. He warned Rhavas that the synod would anathematize and excommunicate him, warning him to flee[3] even though he knew that Rhavas was guilty of several murders and even one rape.

When Rhavas tried to curse him, he failed (he had previously succeeded in killing Kameniates). Sozomenos explained he "trusted in his god just as [Rhavas] trusted in his."[4]

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