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Sour Creek is a small creek in Yellowstone National Park just north of Fishing Bridge.

In the 1990s, geological research has determined that two volcanic vents, one at Sour Creek, are rising. From year to year, they either rise or fall, with an average net uplift of about one inch per year. During the period between 1923 and 1985, the Sour Creek Dome was rising. In the years since 1986, it has either declined or remained the same. The resurgence of the Sour Creek dome is causing Yellowstone Lake to "tilt" southward. Larger sandy beaches can now be found on the north shore of the lake, and flooded areas can be found in the southern arms.

Sour Creek in SupervolcanoEdit

When Colin Ferguson visited Yellowstone National Park, he felt a series of magnitude 5.0 to 5.5 earthquakes at West Thumb. Kelly Birnbaum told him that if they originated at the Sour Creek dome, then that was alright as the place had been active for years. But if they were from the new Coffee Pot Springs dome, then it was worrying since this was newly formed and a possible sign of a supervolcano eruption.[1]

  1. Eruption, pg. 12.

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