Fictional Character
Videssos Cycle
Videssos Series
Appearance(s): The Misplaced Legion;
An Emperor for the Legion;
The Legion of Videssos
Type of Appearance: Direct
Nationality: Duchy of Namdalen
Occupation: Mercenary
Parents: Dosti senior
Relatives: Malric (nephew)

Soteric son of Dosti was a Namdalener mercenary residing in the capital of the Empire of Videssos. He first met Marcus Scaurus when, according to Namdalener custom, he came to the Roman barracks to inform the latter that because Scaurus had brought Hemond's sword to Helvis, his sister, their house was in debt to the Roman. He also challenged the Romans to a mock fight with the contingent of Namdalener mercenaries under his command. The contest duly took place and ended in a Roman victory. 

Soteric went with Helvis and Scaurus to enjoin the Patriarch Balsamon to attempt to head off the growing religious strife between the Namdalener Gamblers and the orthodox Videssians. This attempt failed, as the Videssian monks remained bigoted and intolerant of variations on their faith. Soteric was friendly towards the Romans and accepting of Helvis' romance with Scaurus. 

Soteric was part of the force that went on campaign to Maragha under Mavrikios Gavras, and was part of the Namdalener force that Gavras left at the city of Phanaskert. Soteric cynically remarked that the Emperor was leaving them there because he suspected their loyalty. 

Soteric wintered there with the rest of the Namdaleni, including the forces of Utprand. He fought for Thorisin Gavras when Ortaias Sphrantzes usurped the throne, and invited the Romans to the council where he invited them back to Namdalen (the choice was obviated when the city fell from within the next day). 

Soteric, despite his annoyance with the Gavrai for their mistrust of the Namdaleni, proved that such mistrust was well-founded when he joined Drax's revolt in the Westlands. He led his troops to betray the Namdalener contingent led by Utprand, causing the loyalist troops to lose the battle at the Sangarios River. 

Soteric was captured, along with the other high-ranking Namdaleni, when the Yezda defeated Drax in the Westlands. He was ransomed by Marcus Scaurus, but escaped when his sister, Helvis, betrayed the Romans and freed the prisoners. He made it back to the Duchy and never returned to the Empire.

Soteric was headstrong and pessimistic, quick to take offense on behalf of his countrymen and those who shared his belief in Phos' Wager.