The Soldiers' Circle was an organization that was formed in the United States. Its members were men who'd done their two-year conscription stint in the army. The organization's heyday was during the Remembrance era. Members of the Soldiers' Circle were known to be reactionary in their politics, and were openly disdainful of socialists and immigrants, and gladly acted as scabs, and strikebreakers.[1] During the Great War, after the 1915 Remembrance Day parade became a riot, the Soldiers' Circle served as self-appointed law enforcement, prowling neighborhoods that were perceived as more "revolutionary" or insufficiently supportive of the war effort.[2]

The Soldiers' Circle continued on after the Great War, but it lost most of its influence and visibility as the years passed.[3]

The symbol of the Soldiers' Circle was a silver circle with a sword running at an angle across it. The sword ran through the year of the individual member's conscription.[4]


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