Sofia or Sophia is a female given name meaning "wisdom" in Greek. Sofie and Sophie are variants used in some languages such as French and German. Sonia is an offshoot.

In Harry Turtledove's work, Sofia may refer to:

Sofia (The Gladiator), a minor character who is a classmate of Gianfranco Mazzilli in the novel The Gladiator.
Sofia (The War That Came Early), a barmaid in The War That Came Early series.

Sophia may refer to:

Sophia (Farmers' Law), resident of Abrostola in "Farmers' Law".

Sophie may refer to:

Sophie Hamburger, member of a fictional Brooklyn family featuring prominently in Southern Victory.
Sophie Lundgren, fictional schoolteacher, minor character in Things Fall Apart.
Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, historic Austro-Hungarian aristocrat whose murder in 1914 is alluded to in Southern Victory.

Zofia may refer to:

Zofia Klopotowski, minor fictional character in Worldwar.

Sonia may refer to:

Sonia Phillips, fictional character in "The Fillmore Shoggoth".

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