Socialist Party of the Confederate States
Fictional Political Party
Southern Victory
Political Ideology: Democratic Socialism
Political Position: Center-left to Left

There was a small but not-negligible Socialist Party in the Confederate States in the days immediately after the Great War. The party as such was not involved in the Red Rebellion, but some of its members were, and the rebels' proclaimed Socialist ideology tended to reflect on a party professing the same. As a result, the party's popularity steeply declined (at least among whites). However, after the Great War, as the Whigs' fortunes reached their lowest ebb, the Confederate Socialist Party reached its zenith, winning four seats in the 1917 Congressional elections, from New Orleans, Louisiana, Cuba, and Chihuahua. (These were the only Confederate elections in which black veterans of the Great War were able to vote, a right of which they were deprived long before the Freedom Party came to power.) The CSP promoted a platform of racial equality, and as a result was despised by the Freedom Party. Once the Freedom Party dominated the Confederate government, its suppression of the Socialist Party verged on persecution, with many Socialists winding up in concentration camps.

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