Fictional Character
Appearance(s): "The Decoy Duck"
Type of Appearance: Direct POV
Nationality: Halogai
Parents: Skatval the Brisk and Ulvhild

Skjaldvor was the daughter of Skatval the Brisk and Ulvhild. She lived with her tribe on the Lygra Fjord in Halogaland. When the mission of Tzoumas appeared, she showed early intrest for instruction in the ways of Phos by Kveldulf, a Haloga-turned-priest of Phos.

Skjaldvor had a romantic interest in Kveldulf and tried to seduce him. To his protestations that as a priest of Phos he must remain celebate, Skjaldvor claimed that his companions, Tzoumas, Nephon, and Antilas were seeking sexual favors from the native women. Despite this claim, which Kveldulf believed, he spurned Skjaldvor.

Skjaldvor ignored Kveldulf after that to the relief of her father, who was chieftain of the tribe. However, she went into mourning for Kveldulf after Skatval killed him.