The Skidegate Lodge was the sole hotel in Skidegate on the Queen Charlotte Islands. Its cliental was mainly those having business with the Navy and by tourists who came to the islands for the hunting and fishing. The hotel had a restaurant, "The Haida Lounge" which was decorated to resemble a traditional Haida longhouse. It served traditional native dishes, both the expected such as venison and halibut and more exotic fare such as seal meat steaks, salmon cheeks and dried herring eggs on kelp.

When Colonel Thomas Bushell came to Skidegate as part of his investigation of the theft of The Two Georges he stayed at the Skidegate Lodge. The desk clerk gave him directions to the town's post office and informed him that the Navy did the policing on the islands rather than a local constabulary. He also informed Bushell that the head of the Naval Security Detachment was Commander Nathan Hairston.