Sharon Rock
Fictional Character
Science Fiction
Type of Appearance: Direct
Species: Snarre't
Nationality: Latimer
Occupation: Actor
Spouse: Joe Mountain

"Sharon Rock"[1] was a Snarre'i actor who appeared in a number of "lifey" productions. She was married to retired athlete "Joe Mountain".[2] She and her husband resided in Latimer on Lacanth C. Both had a fascination with the technology of humans (or "Baldies" as the Snarre't called them.)[3] The two released a hoxbomb by placing it in the jacket pocket of human scooter salesman Petros van Gilder.[4] He later shook hands with fellow salesman Jack Cravath, transferring the bomb to him.[5] who then brought it home to his pregnant wife, Bev. Their son was born with substantial deformities.[6]

Despite their own cockiness, Rock and Mountain became the focus of a joint human-Snarre't investigation of the hoxbombing of Sean Cravath while in utero.[7] In an odd coincidence, the Snarre't had purchased a scooter from the child's father, Jack Cravath, not long after Sean was conceived.[8] Miss Murple, a detective, interviewed the two. Both explained that they liked humans because humans didn't recognize them as celebrities, and thus basically left them alone. Both were also quite insistent that they had nothing to do with the hoxbombing. Miss Murple didn't think they sounded or smelled like liars, but she also kept in mind they were performers.[9]

In the end, her suspicions were correct. While human detective John Paul Kling arrested van Gilder after his jacket tested positive for the hoxbomb[10] Kling and Miss Murple found a video at van Gilder's place of work that showed Rock and Mountain planting the hoxbomb in van Gilder's jacket pocket.[11] They arrested the two celebrities without incident, although Sharon Rock defiantly assured Miss Murple that their barristers and money would keep them from being brought to account.[12]

Sharon Rock embodied a number of traits the Snarre't found attractive. Her eyes were quite large, her fur was obviously soft, and she smelled sexy.[13]


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